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  • Hello Chrisgatt7,

    when you clic on "download" the files opens itself with notepad?
    I am having trouble downloading all of your mods please help me ? every time i download them it goes straight to notepad with a bunch of alien writing please help me ?
    ok :) thanks for hearing out my suggestions i saw the leopard with the portuguese flag and the air delivered artillery :p thanks
    i have good news and bad news
    i reinstalled the game and i can now play your mod :D
    the bad news is that i can load saves again xp
    V1 Flying Bomb is now done. Having difficulties with AAS but hopefully will resolve soon.
    Got the Rafale done. Looks OK except for the mesh lines leaking in the cockpit glass. I will redo the unit if I can figure how to fix.
    wow that was fast !

    I will try it tonight when I'm back home but from your screen it looks good!

    Thanks Wolfdog :)
    Got the files OK Hulfgar. Will make a start and PM you when I get the first one done.
    Hello Hulfgar,

    Yeah that should be ok, I have a go at converting those units for you. If you could send me the files or the links that would save me having to search through cfc database trying to find them.
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