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  • You played AoE III didn't you? I recognize a lot of the units you made as having similar aesthetics/titles/characteristics to AoE III units.
    Hello, can I ask you a question about modding? I saw your units on the forum, I would like to ask a question about creating air units.
    Evening ... Hi Wolfdog. I have used your Horse Artillery unit mod in a project I am working with (basically a tactical map of Waterloo) based on SMAN 1975 Napoleon at War. I might be uploading it to Stream in the near future, so I just want to let you know. Please advise if you have any problem with this. Allow me to add that I liked your HA mod very much, congrats.
    Nice unit with the Nimitz Class. Looks beautiful in game. Are you planning on doing a modern carrier class set. There's the Queen Elizabeth Class, Nimitz, and Kutznestov. So are you planning on the Italian carriers, Spanish and Indonesian carriers, Indian and Lianong?
    Erm, need little help, what do I do with the files? the whole scripting is confusing me because I don't know what goes where, the link helped but it does not give me alot of easy steps because it feels it has jumped abit from every part of the modding
    Hey I love your unit models for Civ V, can you help me by telling my how to add them into my game, I wanna make them as one mod but not replacing any existing models in the game
    Hey, for your unit conversions, is it possible to add pictures if there are any other textures in a unit pack for future references. I'm right now trying to put on the SuT-50 unit, but I'm gambling on what the texture is going to be. I'm thinking the Cammof is the more cyan-ish one. Thanks.
    wow! how did all this units come to civ 5 without me noticing it, most of them where even on my wishlist :crazyeye: huge thanks Wolfdog.
    hello Wolfdog,

    I've made a zip file with the Civ4 units : http://www.mediafire.com/?rx124dpavjhscpa

    In it you will find the mirage 2000, the rafale, the AMX Leclerc and should you have the time for them : the tornado, the mirage F1, the V1 and V2 and a generic aas.

    The mirage 2000 and the tornado were made by Snafusmith.

    Should you want/need more Civ4 units don't hesite to task, I downloaded a lot back when modded Civ4 so I can find them really quick.

    thanks again.
    Hello Wolfdog,

    first I wanted to congrats you on your Civ4 conversion, they are a welcome add to Civ5!

    If your looking for idea a Dassault Mirage, the AMX Leclerc and the Rafale would be welcome as well.
    I can send you the Civ4 files if you need them.

    regards, Hulfgar
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