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  • Hi Hydro,

    The buildings and tech you created in RoM really stuck with me. Right now I'm trying to prototype a procedural technology web (non-linear) and wondered if you'd be interested in joining our open source gaming revolution.

    It's going to be like Civ but much more procedural generation and it will start on Earth but expand into space. I know that was a big push you and CivFurher were working on a few years ago. It's all going to be browser based too!

    The App: (use Chrome) http://webhexplanet.herokuapp.com/
    The Github: https://github.com/rSimulate/WebHexPlanet
    The Community http://www.reddit.com/r/simulate
    My initial blog post: http://www.iontom.com/2012/08/25/game-build/

    Shoot me a message or just join the github and reddit, thanks!
    iontom (iontom@gmail.com)

    I'm glad you are still around, and glad that a lot of your ideas found fruit with C2C - Civ4 is really an endless platform and I am happy you were able to find a team to build upon it. Best wishes.

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