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Aug 23, 2020
Jul 31, 2007
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Mar 12, 1991 (Age: 31)
Austin, Texas
Full Stack Software Engineer @ Indeed.com

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The White Wizard, 31, from Austin, Texas

Afforess was last seen:
Aug 23, 2020
    1. Zlatko
      Where i can found Rise of Mankind source files ?
    2. oldnooob
      Hi Afforess, I wonder if you would consider uploading your mod onto Nexus. They have opened up to all mods recently and they have many gamebryo based games such as fallout3 that probably share similar programming. They host many thousands of mods so I believe that having RoM- AnD and C2C would attract quite a few new players and possibly some new coders. What do you think?
    3. Zlatko
      Hi Afforess

      Nukes in Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn used SDK or Python?
    4. iontom
      Hi Afforess,

      I've been a fan of your work for years. I never got huge into modding Civ because I just ended up playing your stuff instead.

      Anyway, now I'm bored with Civ and I'm starting a monumental new open source project and wondered if you'd want to help design it? It's going to be like Civ but much more procedural generation and it will start on Earth but expand into space. In your web browser.

      The App: (use Chrome) http://webhexplanet.herokuapp.com/
      The Github: https://github.com/rSimulate/WebHexPlanet
      The Community http://www.reddit.com/r/simulate
      My initial blog post: http://www.iontom.com/2012/08/25/game-build/
    5. AdelineJ
      I envoy this message because you have participated, I think if I read civfanatics, in The mo RoM. How must I do to change the size of letters in civics screens ? I tried to put the file of RoM in my mod but there is a bug...
    6. jojobe
      Hey good job on your mod. Is it dead now?
    7. JosEPh_II

      Good to see you stop by! :D

    8. raxo2222
      Hi, do you are Spoutcraft developer? Its very good plugin.
      Caveman2Cosmos is another developer wonder :D
    9. Vanya
      hi afforess. i'm trying to add the realistic diplomacy to my mod. i'm too annoyed by the "all remember attitude" of the ai (considering the fact AI tend to forget some of the action of their ai-rival ).

      can you attach in your realistic diplomacy forum the files modified of cvgamecoredll in order to create the new cvgamecoredll and use your mod?

    10. JosEPh_II

      I lost my HD back in the spring and all my saved versions of AND. If you still have them I would like to get the Last complete 1.6x version. I think 1.61 was very stable and still had some of the components left in it that I considered fun to play with.

      PM me if you still have it and I will give you my E-M addy. Or if you still have it available thru the download site you used to use the link to it.

      I hope you are doing well in school. Best Wishes.

      Thank you.

      JosEPh :)
    11. youmakemefart
      I wrote an elaborate statement on the whole mounted units and spear/pikeman debate in the suggestions thread. I studied military history so an accurate depiction of warfare would mean a lot to me.
      I added a few small suggestions which could contribute to a good and realistic solution.

      I would be most delighted if you would read/comment on/maybe even consider them.
    12. JosEPh_II
      I believe I've run into a snag. Either C2C is interfering with 1.76 beta or I've had an install problem. (Hover over flag says 1.76beta) I founded 3 cities but now I have 2 settlers that can not build a city anywhere, no matter if by river, coast, or fresh water lake. Very perplexing.

    13. JosEPh_II
      Give me a day or two. I just d/l'd it last night but have had no real time to test it out.

    14. warrior459
      Hi Afforess, wondering if you'd be able to throw the ability of the player to vassalize to the AI in your new version.
    15. Aesus
      Hello. I have the AND no interface issue and I have tried everything that I can think of, or fixes that the forums have, yet I am still unable to use it. On the installation FAQ all it says is "Occurs with bad installs, follow the steps and start again", which is even less helpful. I was wondering if you know any specific methods that can help. Thanks.
    16. gfurst
    17. NCC1017spock
      Im in need of some help please? I have a thread titled Help in the RoM New Dawn section, my game seems to have issues? :(
    18. NBAfan
      What kind of servers do you like?

      I'm trying to get the server I play on to use your backpack mod.:D
    19. NBAfan
      Your Minecart Mania mod is great Afforess. Minecarts are much better now!
    20. The_J
      Hey man, happy birthday :bday:.
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    Mar 12, 1991 (Age: 31)
    Austin, Texas
    Full Stack Software Engineer @ Indeed.com
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    "A Witty Saying Proves Nothing"
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