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  • No worries, answering isn't mandatory here but as I saw you online I just thought to ask what's up - not too many active people around & sorry about messing up this previously beautiful blank page ;)

    Yup, I remember the comp trouble but I'm not convinced that the game is harder than back then - approach is a bit different, games take a bit longer & SBs are not the ultimate solution or IWIN -button. The game a hell of a lot better now than it was in vanilla - I just don't wanna play it, much so I've skipped quite a few DCs lately. Somehow I'm not too keen on winning as fast as possible but with own variable weird set of rules.

    Also while not playing much I found that OT section is quite intriguing & keeps me coming back to CFC even if not in game related issues every time.

    Have fun lurking & gaming :)
    Hey there. Sorry for a late answer. Rarely check my messages, I think yours was probably the first one I've gotten here on CFC!

    Yes, recently got back playing CiV with all expansions and dlc. Back in the time when we did those challenges my good computer crashed and I it took sometime before I got a new. In the meantime I got back playing cIV which really got me addicted. Compared to Vanilla CiV, bts cIV Deity level was a lot harder and more challenging.

    Missing out on the whole G&K expansion it has taken some time to get back at it. But after a few succesful deity games I´ll probably take on some challenges. Right now I´m also just lurking around but intend to be more active.
    So back in the game ? Haven't seen much of you since that 1st Total Domination challenge by Snarzberry. The very few later implementations didn't produce sub-T200 times and sadly the concept died out. While the DC series ranges from ok to excellent is just doesn't have the same kick anymore.
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