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    Possible Old Mod Reuploads

    If it's the zip file with the bic inside, then that one is EdO'Wars original scenario made for Civ 3. I don't believe I have any working copies of my early development of the scenario since it was updated many times before being superseded by Vuldacon's versions.
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    Possible Old Mod Reuploads

    Here's a dump of my archive. Hope you enjoy surfing!!Ao22DDKw4lY6vAQy9_eW6Wmlk_b9?e=h3Lev5
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    Steampunk World Scenario

    I'll upload a fresher version soon. :)
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    Possible Old Mod Reuploads

    Just do a search for scenarios in your favourite file editor. Most fall under a heading labelled Civ 3 Scenarios.
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    Possible Old Mod Reuploads

    I have an ancient, ropey, external disk with some Civ Content. It's a fair old mix of everything. I will upload it somewhere and post the link for the salvage teams to comb over. In the meantime I've dumped the contents to text file in case someone wants to scan through it for any lost treasure.
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    20 years of Civ3, and a proposal for 20 more

    Very cool and interesting. The thing that has kept me invested in Civ 3 after all these years is how easy it is to mod it and use the incredible amount of assets that other folk have created. It's good that you're building on what we have already rather than starting from scratch which might be...
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    Deep sea trenches - from mrtn's Magnamund map Black Smokers (Geothermal vents) - from Rhye's Underworld Terrain Graphics
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    Public Beta: X-COM Invasion scenario

    Yes here it is -!Ao22DDKw4lY6u3alHskEawiwJhh7?e=waxga2
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    Lost Worlds Mod Beta Thread

    Thanks timerover51. I hope so.
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    Lost Worlds Mod Beta Thread

    Some answers to why Civs are where they are and why the date is set to March 1802. Quite simply it's all to support a shaky backstory that I have created. First thing that prompted the decision was that most of the Era 1 techs were 'discovered' around that time (or earlier) so a later start date...
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    Lost Worlds Mod Beta Thread

    Changes Fixed Skink Settler ini. Fixed Thark Settler ini. Fixed Thark Worker ini. Fixed Heavy Battlesuit ini. Siege Artillery bombard stats changed to 8.1.1 from 12.2.2. Bicycle infantry can be airlifted and transported by air units. Flak Defense changed to 5. Air Defense changed to 2. Requires...
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    Lost Worlds Mod Beta Thread

    Thanks for the super feedback @Fortis1 That’s all the encouragement I needed to get back to working on the mod. Will address some specific points once I have fully digested your posts.
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    New Unit - Xenomorph - September 9, 2021

    Awesome, I particularly like the splodgy death. I can definitely use this unit in my scenario for the Zeta Reticuli civ.
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    Lost Worlds Mod Beta Thread

    I'm slowly getting there. Here are the latest files!Ao22DDKw4lY6u3FuTKZUV5DeRNWz?e=DHiwGA And spreadsheet -!Ao22DDKw4lY6u1DDigH-PuNFnOGz?e=QjzLs6
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