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  • No - its not a simple limit. Ids are not just a number, they have internal structure (some of the bits are used to map to a pool that prevents id reuse, some are sequence count within that pool).
    And what about hexediting the exe file to change the right 8192 number into something like 1.000.000? (it worked in the game Empire Earth) A 32 bit integer can handle numbers up to 4 billion. 8192 seems to be an artificial limit and even if multiplied by 18 (max number of civs on the map?) it still equals a random figure (147.456) which has no equivalent in the integral data types. That means, that it should be possible to overcome this "hardcoded" limit by changing the number into at least something more reasonable. (against the background of the 3-4 Gig RAM limit of this 32 bit apllication) In my opition no dll mod will help with it, because its stored in the encrypted/compiled exe. If unit id creation has this 8192 limit as well, then it could be increased too. The must be some solution to make civ 4 playable again (huge armies), because civ 5 looks so empty.
    Hi Koshling,

    someone has told me that you were able to change/remove the 8192 unit limit in civ 4.
    Could you please give me a hint on how to do it?

    I know how to alter numbers by hexediting, but how can I find the right "8192 number" out of many hundred 8192s stored in the exe? Many thanks in advance!


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