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  • Yup. Brawijaya. Salam kenal juga :)
    Ah, I see! I was trying to figure out what building it is. I thought of Gedung Joang but turns out it isn't.. It might take your minimal effort, but the artwork still looks realistic and great to me ^^
    Hi! No, I wasn't aware of that - thank you for letting me know :)

    My educational background requires me to read publication and do researches on regular basis, so I'm a bit accustomed to that. Beside, lots of Indonesian archaeological news are yet to be translated to English, so I'm trying to make us of my advantage here to help the community by providing new scientific facts / progress.

    Overall, I think it's a really great artwork. Very realistic - I really like how you draw Sukarno's clothing. I presume you base the background on an old photograph? I'm not sure either what's the original color of the wall, but my guess is white - lots of old buildings are painted white both on interior and exterior. Also, I think his facial expression looks a bit doubtful, but that's a minor thing. I like your artwork the way it is - Great job! ^^

    Btw, are you Indonesian? I just noticed your location is from West Java ;)
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