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  • Hi. In a thread you said, of Civ 4, "Runs just fine on my system with 64 bit windows 7 pro. Just make sure you don't install in program files - create a C:\Games folder or something instead."

    I was wondering why you gave this advice: what difference does installing in the root directory make vs. program files? I am quite curious.

    Thanks for any info.
    Thanks :) I agree on the monument, but I also really need an archer - I don't trust those americans.
    Congratulations on your settlement of Tokyo. May it become a glorious and prosperous city under your reign.

    May I suggest a monument to be constructed, you need to puch southwards to cut off the bottleneck near the american border to ensure connection to the rest of the empire. Only culture (or money) can ensure that this comes to pass.

    oh and congratulations on your newly extended life, perhaps you wont die immediately after founding Tokyo :lol:
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