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  • I would, but I've realised I might be overextending myself a little with the amount of games I am in plus the one I am going to be co-hosting soon. And I do prefer to play a game right from the very beginning if possible. Thanks for the invitation though. :)
    I've come to believe that you're the only person whose political and social views are as extreme as mine, and as a result, basically the only person who I can have an intellectual debate with on equal ground. Do you ever go on #nes anymore?
    As will many parts of Metarakite culture, with just about everyone. I decided that playing as a mutt could have some fun opportunities to mess with other players.

    For a while I was actually debating whether to make the Senari or the Mim'amu the ruling clan of Metarak, but in the end I chose you simply because I had more to pull from.
    Actually, I hadn't looked at your King's title at the point when I was making that part up. I was thinking Babylon, hence the "Ba" beginning. When I saw your ruler's title I was, as you might imagine, very surprised.
    Let me rephrase that. Feel free to murder poor, innocent civilizations as long as you spare your long lost brothers! ;)
    Its great, I really like your application although... you may make contact with the Senari sooner than you think ;)
    Well you can colonize Hungary this turn (and it will give you a protecterate, and therefore control of the region) so you could transfer Buglaria this turn, correct?
    The Netherlands and I agree to your proposed terms. Considering Slovakia has been confirmed to be only 1 IC, we would like to begin the transfer of Bulgaria as soon as possible
    We would offer to drop Hungary (and arrange for you to be compensated) in exchange for your province of Bulgaria.
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