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Mar 7, 2022
Sep 25, 2009
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Jehoshua was last seen:
Mar 7, 2022
    1. dot80
    2. Terrance888
      Found some Easter eggs in your gods list! Hai Tai God of summer. Hai Vash allotter of lives.
    3. NinjaCow64
      I would, but I've realised I might be overextending myself a little with the amount of games I am in plus the one I am going to be co-hosting soon. And I do prefer to play a game right from the very beginning if possible. Thanks for the invitation though. :)
    4. Lord of Elves
      Lord of Elves
      I've come to believe that you're the only person whose political and social views are as extreme as mine, and as a result, basically the only person who I can have an intellectual debate with on equal ground. Do you ever go on #nes anymore?
    5. Civleader
    6. Tambien
      As will many parts of Metarakite culture, with just about everyone. I decided that playing as a mutt could have some fun opportunities to mess with other players.

      For a while I was actually debating whether to make the Senari or the Mim'amu the ruling clan of Metarak, but in the end I chose you simply because I had more to pull from.
    7. Tambien
      Actually, I hadn't looked at your King's title at the point when I was making that part up. I was thinking Babylon, hence the "Ba" beginning. When I saw your ruler's title I was, as you might imagine, very surprised.
    8. Tambien
      I believe the title is "Basrak"
    9. Tambien
      Let me rephrase that. Feel free to murder poor, innocent civilizations as long as you spare your long lost brothers! ;)
    10. Tambien
      No murder of innocent civilizations please! :p
    11. Jehoshua
      Its great, I really like your application although... you may make contact with the Senari sooner than you think ;)
    12. Tambien
      I hope you can approve of my creation in dominatrNES ;)
    13. Thlayli
      I don't think that is, as the kids say, my jam.
    14. Nuka-sama
      Very bottom of the player stats :)
    15. Nuka-sama
      First we need Spain to lift their closing of the Gibraltar straits
    16. Nuka-sama
      Potentially yes. For how long are you thinking?
    17. Nuka-sama
      Well you can colonize Hungary this turn (and it will give you a protecterate, and therefore control of the region) so you could transfer Buglaria this turn, correct?
    18. Nuka-sama
      The Netherlands and I agree to your proposed terms. Considering Slovakia has been confirmed to be only 1 IC, we would like to begin the transfer of Bulgaria as soon as possible
    19. Nuka-sama
      Fair enough. What kind of compensation would you seek?
    20. Nuka-sama
      We would offer to drop Hungary (and arrange for you to be compensated) in exchange for your province of Bulgaria.
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