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  • Hey
    Would it be possible to download your mods from Civ VI manually not from Steam?
    In return I may to translate these into polish (maybe someone will use it).
    Just noticed your Argentina Civ on steam, and it looks really exciting! Sounds really fun to play and the art is great. Also, this is really good news for TSL games, where Pedro no longer has the entirety of South America to himself.
    where are you man?!?! we need your wisdom so we have latin american civilizations in civ6!!
    bring the light back to us!! haha

    hope you the best!
    Did you get my pm on the backgrounds? Any chance you can send them to me?
    Did you create the tropico civ from scratch artwork and everything??? if so would you be interested in creating a working unit I would pay if you like name your price

    In a thread elsewhere on the forum Nutty suggested it might be better to leave you a direct note rather than simply adding a post to your tutorial on adding audio files to civs. I had asked if it would be good practice to add a post to that thread with an appended attachment. Nutty thought it better to leave you a personal message with a link where you could look at the attachment. The only thing I think Nutty misunderstood was that I was primarily looking for feedback as to whether I had gotten anything wrong. Here is a link to a mediafire page with the file I was asking about.

    adding audio to world wonders

    It is a supplement to a much larger document I have been working on for some time, and have had posted as a mod on the steam workshop for about two months. I am primarily looking for feedback, but if you think it also has merit as part of your tutorial let me know.
    @njmfff: Hmn.... Do you have Argentina ingame? Uncheck it, and see if it still happens...

    What version of the game are you playing? Do you have any other mod that could change the culture screen?
    Hi, I tried downloading your custom civs and playing with them. Works fine, but I can't get access to Great Works page in game. It happens with every civ when mods are loaded, not just custom civs.

    Any ideas how can I fix this? It's a shame, since I really liked those new civs.

    Thanks in advance.
    Idk if you are taking suggestions, but if so, I think you should do the mound builders. It's an ancient collective society all across North America, with a rich yet mysterious history. I imagine that they would have Mounds (UI) that provide culture bonuses every time a unit is killed, and Big Chiefs (Great General replacement) that can increase the attributes of cities in which it garrisons. UA I'm stuck on, but maybe it could be something along the lines of Mound Builder cities always have Fog of War (to opponents) unless a unit is currently in the territory, and Razed MB cities become ancient ruins. So idk if this interests you at all, but either way, "hit me back" as they say.
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