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Light Cleric
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Feb 22, 2021
Feb 5, 2011
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September 15

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Light Cleric

ElCee/LC/El Cid

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Feb 22, 2021
    1. Grendeldef
      Gratz for the new headset but as Joshua so accurately said "I mean quit your job or something, people are waiting!" the peasants are anxiously waiting for more though it's nice to see you on OT as well; pizzas or not.
      That Bismarck start looked so interesting that it even got me started to play again so at this point I'll just thank for the motivational example but somehow Firaxis missed the obvious Spanish leader El Cid so I had to adjust myself wearing dresses while beating the crap out everyone. And yes, I'm still using my own weird rule sets on every game.

      Keep 'em coming, cheers.
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    September 15
    Civ5 Difficulty Level:
    Civ5 Versions:
    • Basic Edition
    • Gods & Kings
    • Brave New World
    • DLC (various)
    Civ4 Versions:
    Civ3 Versions:
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    Deity Let's Plays:
    China, Pangaea
    Babylon, Pangaea
    Sweden, Continents
    Poland, Pangaea
    Germany (Honor Challenge)
    Denmark (Fractal) <- ONLY TOOK TWO YEARS TO FINISH

    Open to suggestions for an FAQ video/one last LP before Civ 6!