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  • Hi. I have a deal from the useless me. Since I have too much difficulty to follow the SGTOM thread with the parcimonious amount of time (each time I am starting to jump in the conversation it can take me up to four successive hours and rare I have those), I still want to aid the team to the victory. So, here's the deal. Call me to anything that deals about the game mechanics problematic or solving some AI enigma, and I'll be there. I'll try to summon the guy if that's possible. Far easier to deal with than following hardcore discussions since it's punctual and can be done in abstract.

    I was getting a bit of time early friday and after one hour of read, I saw that was useless.
    Am waiting for your answer. I'm going to be technician in RL, why not be the same for the team lol. Until I retrieve control of my life like I had in 2011.
    Indeed indeed, I shall make constructive opinions for the team...instead of playfully play with people....stupid laziness that struck me for a while.

    Also, Stories&Tales downgraded my intelligence of three points of Q.I.
    Hey, I think we could bring TMIT over the team... :mischief:
    Are you agreeing? :p

    Some moron admin or some chauvinistic admin of self-contemplated justice, what's the diff?
    "A friend in need is a friend indeed."

    Am I the friend in need...? You meant A friend encouraging a friend in need...
    Oh noes! LowtherCastle is trying to fumble with my mind and emotions again!

    LowtherCastle! Don't you have better things than following the masochistic path? You already had enough with TMIT and still you continue! You know what to expect from particular well-known users.
    Honestly, I never found teeth-clenching confrontations enjoyable, especially against ones who never admit wrong. And for the cherry on the cake, you snip everything when you get utmost upset, leaving only one side of the argumentation.

    Don't give up! You're getting the upper hand over Mitchum in your village's idiot competition.

    Play some relaxing games...better for the heart and mind.
    Seriously? No. Joking? Yes.

    Trolling? I'm posting in my own team thread. How can that be construed as trolling?

    Emotions? Relax. We all love you, Tachy.
    I'd wish the same to your former Kaku-pals, but I wouldn't want to morally corrupt them with such loathsome "bet". ;)
    Well, thank you I guess. Glad that silly episode is over for now.

    Enjoy the upcoming game! I mean that in a gentlemanly way of course. ;)
    It's a shame Gosha guy doesn't play often. Still I have found that Epic Joao II with custom continents. ~300 AD. Nice.
    Don't be angry. 50% of my posts are minor trolling. :lol:
    But if you want to be stern, I can be stern too. :)

    Gosha is dead. I'm the new gosha trololol.

    Ok, let's make a ceasefire. It's not funny if tensions replace mild conversations.
    Exploitus schexcoitus.

    Well, LC, again with your weird stuff. :lol:
    Ah, old men~~~

    EDIT: Ah, even the first one is an existing slang! O_o
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