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  • You, Redemption team, are quite preparing the next SGOTM.
    Ok, I finally caught what you meant. It's the unit walling. Just create a wall of units and that makes an artificial GW.

    That's an exploit btw, mister who always plays straight and fair. :devil:
    Hmmm...I'm not sure to understand what that means:

    "But I was talking about a game with Locked Modified Assets turned on."

    It's impossible to predict when the barbs will stop to sack given we need their numbers and...well...fog stops us to see and count.
    In fact, there is no enigma. I resolved this while working another case (begging neutralizing war mode). Here is one hint I gave to someone else. I just attached a save where you can play with the parameters and see how to manipulate the barbs to attack at once and then they give up.

    First, I set up 3*CivAlive cities +1 to trigger the barb invasion.
    Then I let barb cities spawn and play with their population. Yes, barb empire, which is mainly city count plus total pop for a landmass has the opposite effect of the trigger. It calms down the barbs once the numbers are right. In fact, it's like a normal civilization in WHEOOH, but instead just reconsider to return to peace time without starting the war.

    See next visitor message for the following explanation...
    The rule is simply: If the total BarbUnits(UNITAI_ATTACK) > BarbCityCount+TotalBarbPop+1, then the barb team will receive a global order (strategy), which is AREAAI_OFFENSIVE. Even this triggered, if you modify the barb cities to be more numerous or more populous, you can pacify once again the barbs.

    I'm surprised you haven't asked this to your other brain half. :mwaha:
    Thanks for all that SGOTM16 analysis! I was worried our team would melt because of the 10 goals and time constraints. We tend to uhhh overdo it sometimes. So all those nicely typed out thoughts helped straighten us out.

    Why are you so cryptic, LowtherCastle? Sometime, I find some comments unfathomable.
    Sometimes, it feels as if you're trolling.
    What's that IFAL? Why that pig drunken single expression commenrt? Why those surges of smileys?

    My head... D:

    EDIT: Damn you T-Hawk. :)
    Wowzer. all those analyses of yours. I gotta admit part of my present frustration (and agression) is the extreme lack of time, which forces me to minimize what I call the CIV4 disease (because it's a disease when real life forces itself onto you and pound harder and harder :mischief:). Miss my youth period. I'll have to wait another 40 years before being exonerated again.

    Out of curiosity, if not too invasive, which I am usually anyways, at which spectrum end (or middle?) of lifetime are you? Mabraham or me.
    You have a particular way to read posts. :confused:


    Yes, those blunders happen only at the moments you don't expect.
    Now RL rage :lol: has dropped (got a my nap yay). Just tell me if I'm right with someone elsewhere took the free GArtist.

    And yes I'm rather AWOL. RL is forbidding me many life pleasures.
    "Unimportant to the game"

    I'm certainly not going to start useless researches to the team that will not catapult it to victory. Sucky RL awaits me (forcing onto me some civ cure :sad:) and I'm tired how time-sucking those researches take while some...ah never mind. I wuz the problem all along.
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