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  • Hmm I see, I guessed the saving an Eng part. But after looking at your save I see what you did 100% different from me that is a lot smarter. You used an airship instead of a Caravel which allowed for a stronger commerce start.

    How do you play so slow! Your #3 took you like 6 hours when it took me 1. XD
    build Hanging Gardens and make sure you get an Engineer. I forget the teching at the moment, but get Ox quick and use some bulbs. A great Artist does not hurt for bulbing
    Ooop confused him with another player who is to good. :p How do you get to the UN that fast with OCC? I couldn't finish it before about 1900, and then I could never get the diplo. The only people who were friendly were the 2 people fighting for control against me. :\
    #7? The OCC one? Pollina hasn't submitted that one yet. I actually had UN built before the current winning entry date, but it took me forever to get the diplo right. I think the answer is to include more AIs in the game.
    Yea I have never heard of him. I tried #7, and hooo boy is that a tough one. How does he do it!
    He came out of nowhere and got good quick. I have 3 or 4 games I'm slowly playing
    I am coming for you. >:3 Dunno how I am going to get 16 points though. :p I guess being tied for second is ok.
    Yea I have rolled some hella super starts, like a double gold double FP Wheat start, or a triple gem, double FP Cow start. But I have so far had a 100% chance of having no horses with a good start. x]
    Yeah, I've struggled with that one a bit on a couple of attempts. Mainly, again, looking for super cow/gem starts as I shoot for HAs. Lack of forests though make it tough. Plus, worker steals are tough since warriors traverse a lot of flat land and often get killed by lions before getting a chance to harass the AIs. Getting nearby IMP AIs is a pain too as the spread like the plague.

    I do have an interesting start that I've just played a few turns up to worker steal of closest AI. It's a double FP/corn start in the far SW with tons of other FPs, gold/luxes, copper and production. FP corn is ridiculous..ha. Bad thing is snail units. Great Plains can be wildly just have to luck out on the right start
    Wow I hate the Great Plains map script, trying to do #6 but 99% of the starts are god awful 0 food starts with all brown tiles or all forest.
    Arghwqgjkweqbejq I lost to RNG again. :mad: I had a 99% chance to get a GA instead of a prophet, but of course I get a prophet. Slowed me down by like 30 turns -.-
    So what was your strategy with Challenger #2? Did you get lucky to get that 125 AD win? Or was that pure skill. :p The raging barbs is just holding back so many of my units it's nuts.
    You give to much information on how to win earlier! Kill everybody is obviously the best response!
    Not sure which, but one of the "Space Win" designations was pre-BTS or Warlords, so only applies to Vanilla. The game used to just end when you built all the parts. Now you have to launch and arrive at Alpha Centauri.
    There's always disagreement when you have a team of 8 or 9 players. It is just something you have to work through. Every team goes through it except those with the true dictators
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