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  • First time I'm featured in the "Brought to you by CFC" thread--it's a milestone, if a little bit overboard.
    I'm no economist, but honestly, purposely creating inflation does seem a lot like theft to me, no matter how good the intentions. So I have a hard time really accepting the Fed.

    I'm disgusted by the Republican Party right now, mostly because of the fraud that went into counting Ron Paul's delegates. I can't even believe they can get away with doing that and it NOT lead to an Obama landslide.

    Pro-life libertarians can have no home, the LP is ardently pro-choice while the Republican Party seems intent on starting more wars and wasting more money while still cutting taxes.

    I wish conservatives would understand the concept that if you want to cut taxes, the spending also needs to be cut. Romney gives me the impression that he will expand the Bush Tax Cuts, but won't actually do anything to reduce spending, so how does that help?

    Gary Johnson 2012?;)
    in re: camera thread

    boundless let abbasloz (who himself was banhammered) go on her account, last i heard
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