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  • Anytime dude. I wish I had more/better advice to offer. I hope you land your dream job soon!
    heya hobbs you still around?
    I'm in the same boat, so I hope not. Have you considered what science would have to say on the matter?
    Hey, were you ever able to settle up with your old roommate who up and left you with his part of the rent when he broke lease and moved out?
    You and owen in the caketasty thread. I haven't laughed so hard at this website in months
    Haha, that's awesome. I'd probably say Northern California stops somewhere south of the Monterey/Carmel area. To me there's a distinction between "NorCal" (Carmel/Monterey east to Turlock/Merced, North to Santa Rosa/Sacramento (maybe Chico if you're being generous) and everything in-between) as opposed to the Northern Half of California.

    The simplest definition would be: Monterey-Kings-Tulare-Inyo counties north is Northern California, San Louis Obispo-Kern-San Bernadino counties south is Southern California. It's tricky if only because you have to answer the question of whether the Central Valley is its own entity of part of the North-South divide. I wouldn't consider Fresno a Northern California city, but it is north of that county line I just drew.
    What the? What is Winter Jack?

    My favorite drinks as of late have been ordinary jack & coke w/ extra lime for a "fancy" cocktail, and Angry Orchard for casual drinking. I've come to prefer apple cider to beer.
    I ended up doing a history minor in undergrad. Although I never did anything with it afterwards.

    In grad, I ended up tacking on an assortment of public policy and business law classes, which have been gold for job interview background fodder but not much else.
    I thought you were a chemical engineer, glad to know you didn't completely bail.

    So are The Reds starting to make more sense?
    At least your thesis writing is interesting. I'm trying to stitch together years of mostly failed membrane research into something passable for a committee.
    Gotta love those old predictions. My favorite, and I actually got to talk to the man who made it, was from a chemical engineer who suggested that since plastics at the time and styrofoam did not degrade over any appreciable time scale, they were environmentally safe. Thankfully, he had the good sense to realize how bad that analysis was.
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