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  • In case you didn't know, you're one the funniest posters on this site. Even when you're chewing me out.
    So what is that map you are posting in the watermelon thread and elsewhere? Something about goofy threads originating from that country?
    metatron-san, since you are so interested in exporting Germany to all, may I ask whether thous knowest about a YouTube channel called 'Scrubs die Anfänger'?
    Nah, not really - I only saw reasonably valid questions there and believe me, I've seen some truly stupid ones over the years. And moreover my problem isn't people competing in events which I consider totally pointless but those being implemented in Olympic schedule.

    On the other hand I'm sorry if you caught the disease of missing whole words while typing from me. So far I've successfully avoided quarantine as it wasn't contagious but I may have to change my views about that.
    Hahahahahahahahahah....(for a month). :D

    I could speak about sports for 1k years but this has a slightly smaller cap at 1k chars so I'll just leave it at that unless there's an immediate plus char package which me & Tak have been asking for. And if the delivery is coming on skiis or on a snowboard it might take a while in these weather conditions.
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