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  • Dear Morningcalm,

    After much work the mod, Glory and Greatness, is finally done. If you feel like giving it a shot, that would be excellent. I'd love to have you as one of the Beta testers. Please note that everything works, near as I can tell, but I'm hoping a few fresh sets of eyes will be able to spot any bugs/annoyances that I've missed.

    I'm typing up a strategy guide for every civilization featured, a few of them are done already, but most are not. That as far as i know is the only thing left to do. I hope you enjoy and please let me know if something is not working right or you have a suggestion.

    Link to download is here if you are interested:
    Hey, I'm sorry for the late response. the forums didn't let me post a visitor message as I wasn't on these forums for 5 days yet ;). I attatched my picture to the post as a link to a picture: I uploaded the picture to You should copy its link to your own post and put [IMG*] in front of it and [/IMG*] at the back. Just take away the *s ;).
    You can't download it yet, it's WIP.

    But I will let you know when the whole thing is done.
    Oh, and if you go to that thread, check out the title for the Korean power! I was researching wikipedia and stumbled across that phrase, and now I think I may have chosen well.
    Cheers, MC. Yeah, 2k/Firaxis did NOT do their reputations any favors with the release of CiV. We knew that it would be a work in progress to some degree, after all Civ IV was, but still ...

    Hey, good chatting. I'm putting together a Mod with Baldyr for Civ IV, and if you'd like to check out what we're trying to do and give opinions ...

    We're seeking opinions on balance and concept as much as anything else. The goal is to make really fun Civ IV mod for people who want to keep playing both games (so this has a LOT of updated Graphics and new features).
    Got your message MC

    Too true, there was a lot to be frustrated at. In general though, and this is just my opinion, if the dang game hadn't shipped with so many bugs at first it wouldn't mattered. If people had an incredible game they would be more happy even if some stuff like steam and marketing got flubbed.

    Here's hoping for a good patched game, it LOOKs promising.
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