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May 12, 2022 at 12:06 PM
Apr 21, 2006
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Conquistador, from California, United States

seasnake was last seen:
May 12, 2022 at 12:06 PM
    1. Snake Pliskeen
      Snake Pliskeen
      Hi Snake! I absolutely need your files of Ethnic art style units to add in my mod. I love the work you have done and I dont want anything else for my mod. The problem is that the link is out of date, can you put again your material at our disposal? I would appreciate a lot!
    2. PinkPallin
      I've seen there are requests for downloading your Rise of Empires 3.5.
      If you agree, I'd share my copy via Google Drive.
    3. Yazata
      Ah, sorry. Thanks for the response. Wish you success (and computer stability) in your current and future projects.
    4. Yazata
      On the off chance you're still at all interested in your old civ4 work, I'd like to know if there's any way to download your civ4 mods any more. I especially loved Glory and Greatness, but alas, lost all my old mods when I got a new computer. I'm still a big fan.
    5. Logistics
      Hey man,

      I'm really interested in your mods TPB and G&G. Any chance you could upload them again? I bumped your threads too :p
    6. The_J
      If any problems appear, then let me know.
    7. The_J
      So, download is here. 3 changes in CvEventManager.py, search for "WarriorsOfGod".
      For testing, the effects are currently attached to the spiritual trait.
      I haven't added the traitInfos.xml to display that change, but a text XML with the necessary text entry is included.
    8. The_J
      Not a problem at all to convert the rest ;).
    9. The_J
      mmhh...shouldn't be a problem.
      But really only the purging effect?
      I guess I can make the adjustments somewhen in the next days.
      In case I forget it, then remind me please :).
    10. Civ'ed
      I believe I have it installed, I could upload it...
    11. Civ'ed
      Seasnake, it seems that a lot of people are asking for the mod to be uploaded somewhere else. What with the Feds in Megaupload and whatnot... So could you, not for me, but fore other CFCers, upload the mod elsewhere?
      Thanks :)
    12. BLM3
      Is Glory and Greatness 2.0 downloadable from somewhere? Megaupload is closed.
    13. Civciv5
      Seasnake,I'm playing your Rise of Empires mod for a while now,it's fantastic!But there is a civilization limit of 18 civilizations,can you please post a DLL gamecore for Rise of Empires with the maximum number of civilizations raised to 30,40 or 50?You're my only hope,nobody else can help me...:please:
    14. HardRocker
      Hey Seasnake,

      could you tell me how you modded the traits to allow for double production of buildings, extra gold per city, etc. etc., in a PM? That would be super helpful :goodjob: !
    15. Nitram15
      Oh, sad. Anyway, thank you. :)
    16. Nitram15
      It is okay, but how did YOU buy the DLCs?
    17. Nitram15
      Hi! I see you bought the Polynesia DLC and I have a question. Do you need to give credit card number to Steam when you buy anything from the Store? I'd like to buy the DLCs but I'm aware from credit card numbers. :)
    18. stolenrays
      That'd be great, I need it for my Iran Iraq War Mod update.
    19. seasnake
      Shoot ... I'll see about updating
    20. Dumanios
      Your ethnically artstyled Great People's link is broken. :[
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