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    IE crashes!

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    This is unexpected.

    I think the real importance of this study's findings is that more research must be allowed to be done on marijuana, in the US the access to government controlled marijuana for research purposes is limited, which limits research and the number of published findings like these. The fact is that...
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    What do you like that everybody else hates?

    Pootie Tang, that movie cracks me up every time but when other people see they thinks its ******ed.
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    What's your favourite eye colour?

    Its different from person to person, like i love brown eyes when it really goes well with their skin color and hair color. But i have to say that bright blue eyes really get me.
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    What do you hate that everybody else likes?

    Apples, i hate apples. When i bite into them they make me cringe. Apart from that i don't like apple juice either, but i love apple cider. I can't really think of anything that everyone else loves.
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    He-man sucks, GI Joe rocks!

    I always played with GI Joes and Ninja turtles as far as action figues go, i loved having them fight in little tournements and stuff. Sometimes i'd throw dinosaurs and other stuff in there too. I liked getting all my GI Joe's and going around the backyard pretending they were on some kind of...
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    Childhood Ideas

    I thought it would be a good idea to have an in-house transportation system for the elderly, with a track on the ceiling where some kind of car thing would hang and you could go anywhere in the house.
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    What is your dream car? Pictures please!

    my crx is a mustard yellow 88(well it was yellow when i bought it but i painted it red). it was fun seeing it in GTA Vice City, it drove really well in the races too..
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    What is your dream car? Pictures please!

    I have a Honda CRX but its not as sweet as this one.
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    What annoys other people most about you?

    my loud voice, and since its deep it makes it sound louder
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    Unable to initialize DirectX

    I just got Pirates and it installed fine but when i go to run the game it says "Unable to initialize DirectX" and tells me to go to the readme for help. I've followed all the guidelines listed in the readme but it still doesn't work. I've run it in safe mode, updated my video drivers and...
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    Unique Child Names

    I like Trey, its fairly unique but its not so crazy its just wierd.
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    The Best Album According To CFC OT: Nominations

    It always depends on what i'm listening to to get an idea for this, and plus OK Computer, Sgt Peppers, and others have been selected. I'll go with RHCP - Californication, it's definitely not a clear winner in my book though, many others are right up there.
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    What School Do YOU Go To

    Severna Park High School in Maryland, in Anne Arundel county. Basically its the epitome of a suburban high school.
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    What are you listening to?

    from recently to a month or two ago: death cab for cutie, franz ferdinand, the shins, and chill peppers blood sex sugar magik. But right now exactly i'm doing a little throwback to the dandy warhols with The Dandy Warhols Come Down. Both of the Shins albums are definitely my favorite out of all...
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