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  • I'm exited to hear all that, it all sounds great. What exactly will your mod be about though?
    I am also interested in revitalizing FFH; the mod I am working on will have many similarities. It has taken me two years to finally begin having success importing units with Civ V but thanks to extensive trial and error by some hardcore modders, their tutorials finally make things relatively painless. So work has begun!

    I am not a fan of the Faerun mod's mechanics; the mod is nice but I don't like the way magic is handled through the social policies. I plan on using BNW ideologies for alignments as Faerun does, but for mages and clerics I will use the technology tree and promotions to achieve the end results. Once the units are complete I will be building the unique civs, technology tree, and game mechanics; I welcome any input from fellow fantasy modders, particularly if they enjoy FFH as much as I do :)
    I've added your Lizardmen mod to my list. Thanks for the offer, but I don't have any requests at the moment. Again, I look forward to seeing more of your units and your fantasy mod. Good luck!
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