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  • I apologize in advance if this offends you or if I'm not supposed to ask this here, but are you still working on the Bloodmoon Chronicles?
    Hi, sorry for not responding so long.
    Yes, you may use these conversions, I'll be glad if they'll find more recognition. Please PM me regarding the fantasy mods cooperation, I'd like to discuss that more deeply :)
    hi ,

    now i figured out how i can get cavalry models working ingame.

    so i dont need to stress you with my units. xd

    i tell you when i need something,ok ?

    thanks for the willing to help !!
    Convert all units, look Civitar thread he also convert units from my Civ4 mod. I don't want to lost my hard work, if you have time convert all units which i made, maybe one day i will make Creatures in War for Civ5.
    I don't play Civ5 because my PC is old for Civ5, i play Civ4 and i can play Civ4 on high, only reason for now.
    And one request or help whatever, can you convert Tyranid insects from civ5 to civ4 if that is possible i want to refresh my mod with this?
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    Nomad or What
    Nomad or What
    Sure! I have plans to convert at least a few of your units with your permission. Bane needs an insect civ and the Tyranids would be perfect for it. :)
    I see that you convert fantasy units form CIV4 to CIV5, you can convert lots of my units which are in my mod Creatures in War.
    Thank you for the work you've done on the two Goblin units; they're excellent. :goodjob: I'm looking forward to seeing more of your units.
    You may be interested in this thread I've made about fantasy units.
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