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  • Hi,
    I think that danrell has made very good Spearman collection, including african spearman. Just look and this pic #17
    I think that you can use his african spearman as pombo. Adding Slinger was a nightmare for me. I won start with other unit before Firaxis improve modding tools.

    PS Kongo has great art, congrats.
    Hi, Since we are both members of the Terra Novus and since you made the very good locking Hebrew Slinger, could you help me with the 3D art for a unit?

    It is the Pombo which are a UU for my Kingdom of Kongo mod, which will be a part of the Zambezi modpack that soon will be finished. I made an attempt to reskin a spearmen but failed.

    It should look like this:

    Here is a link to my failed attempt:
    I guess that it is just the texture file that is usefull. If you just could use that to change the skin on the vanilla spearmen would that be great, if you also could remove the shield on the 3d modell and add an barb on the spearhead would it be super.

    I also have not be make the script in XML for making a new 3d model appear in the game so some help with that would also be needed.

    I would of course be happy to make 2D in return.

    Happy new year!
    Just a quick post to say well played on the multiplayer files, made playing MP with my friend who plays civ a lot more interesting.
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