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    Moving Installation Across Computers?

    oh okay thanks anyway
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    Moving Installation Across Computers?

    I was wondering if copying Civ4 off my old computer onto a usb harddrive and then copying it onto my new computer would work? Or does there need to be registry somethings or something? As ive lost my original disc so i've only got the expansion discs to be going on with and so i was hoping...
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    Adding Factions without FACEDIT

    brilliant thanks that was exactly what i was looking for!
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    Adding Factions without FACEDIT

    FACEDIT doesnt work on my new computer, it all comes up black and grey boxes. How do you add additional factions into the game without the editor? I assume the loading in the editor and saving to import in just adds the file name into a list in one of the great multitude of txt files but im...
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    In game Editing

    someone said there was a very limited version in game, but maybe that was speculation. i hope so, its very hard to make the late game interesting when you cant give one of your competitors sudden and unexpected super powers
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    The forgotten Spain

    you download it in-game though the mod browser, i think there are a couple stickied threads on how
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    Mod Component Request Thread

    any chance anyone would be able to mod in a 'your details' button like Civ IV had so you can change your civ's name while playing the game. Also add in the edit button for the AI civs on advanced set-up to let you change the names of AI countries as you already do your own on the set-up game...
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    Civilization Request Thread

    maybe something like India has, or double culture for less than X number of cities and only 75% if more. Or a military bonus only in your own borders and a military penalty outside of it or something like that. Who knows. The important thing though, would be that it was welsh
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    The forgotten Spain

    ive just been playing with it, great work! its brilliant!
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    Dannebrog - Kingdom of Denmark

    Hey great work! as for the name, Caunte is the anglo-normal history book spelling and Cnut was probably how it was pronounced at the time and as its recorded by Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Danish chroniclers. and Knut is how not-english people spell it. also, Cunetes, Knútr and in the 19th century it...
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    Civilization Request Thread

    Definetly the mongols, but im secretly hoping it'll be the first professionally made DLC. As its been important in all the other civs and as only able to be represented of the nomad empires its vitally important. but Wales would be my request. With Owain Glyndŵr as the leader with a...
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    Save Game with Mod loaded.

    sometimes previous mod saves dont show up when youre saving? is that the problem? as if you type it in that seems to be a way around that
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    Hebrew civilization. Play as Solomon!

    I like Hebrew as the name, better than judea, its a civilisation not a kingdom. Although 'the Hebrews' might be better than Hebrews for grammatical reasons. Hebrews sounds nicer, and academics refer not to the kingdom or nation of anything, but to the Hebrews so its a good name. but mostly, it...
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    Fall From Heaven: The Ashes: a Civ V idea

    instead of cultural, maritime or etc, you could use races there. I was thinking if there was the anti-magic feeling from the start then one could be witch hunters? Itd depend on how many types of city-state you could have, potentially each one could be a different specialisation and effect...
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    Why would ANYONE play Suleiman?

    people who like the citynames?
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