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  • Could you finish the bracket in your signiture? My OCD is killing me, and I don't even have OCD.
    I didn't want to go OT on my own threads, especially when the Mods finally seem to be noticing my forum for a change;

    What did you think of the last WoT Book? I thought it was great, and I only noticed that it was Sanderson's writing instead of Jordan's when he used the same phrase two or three times that sounds kinda odd. I can't recall it at the moment though, I read it when it first came out. I was pretty happy that the plot started picking up speed though.
    If You still think about the ram - please consider this: a ram does not destroy a citys wall or guard/archery towers - only the choke points - like gates. How about the ram beeing a promotion. RAM I - the unit bypasses a % of the cities defense (the light rams mostly warnt carried along but constructed on site) and RAM II a heave ram with some swing mechanism - also constructed on siege site or carried with the unit (a little cost on movement but better effects against citi def bonus)
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