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  • Personally I like the Hall of Fame more, but since I' ve become 2nd ranking Elite Quattromaster I do like SGOTM and BOTM aswell :goodjob: .

    BOTMs have the non-fairness of early fail because Warrior-Rushes win the game (See Spacerace from Pollina, she didn' t even have Corps and was like 4 turns faster than Me) and I hate the randomness against Barbs and not SIPing. But Yes, SGOTM and BOTM is fun aswell.
    If you don't know one of these bands, you've missed something and should listen to their albums asap:

    Alter Bridge
    Dream Theater
    Stone Sour
    System Of A Down

    Thought I'd post this because of your user-title. Didn't know some of them myself only months ago. All metal, but rock and metal aren't too different, so I'm guessing you'll like them :) .
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