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  • (too long again, this is stupid) What I actually like about BOTM, oddly enough, is that there is only one take. So I try to make the best of it, and have to live with mistakes. If it was for HoF, I could just re-roll maps over and over again, but that means perfectionism is a terrible foe, which I struggle with enough as it is :D
    True that it's not fun when you get RNG screwed, like when I tried to rush with Hammurabi and lost everybody because of RNG 'luck'. Means it's game over really. But it's a risk you can choose to take, so I knew it could end badly.
    These BOTM games are great fun, even if you don't play them on Deity, because frequently the maps and scenarios are unique. It's fun to try out something that is impossible to occur in randomly generated maps. Like team play, or special starting units, boosted AIs, pre-settled religions or wonders. So much can be different, and I find that fun :)

    (too long for one message apparently)
    Thank you :) Awesome to finally get all the requirements down. It's been an on-and-off again process for several years. Not tried to specifically target the given win conditions in all the games, but it did stuck in the back of my mind in the recent Deity game when Religious suddenly appeared as a possibility, and perhaps the only way to win the game.
    Hi Seraiel. I'm so happy to see you back! We have missed you (well, I have).

    Just wanted to let you know that the link to petitions in your signature doesn't work, in case you hadn't noticed.
    Hi, Seraiel, glad to see you shaking things up a bit again! Yeah, I am alive, sinusoidal civving with period of 2 years between hiatuses is my norm, I guess. I hope you have some tales to tell from your hiatus. :D
    Stories from my hiatus, I prayed about 8000 prayers trying to find salvation :D .
    Hi there. Sad to see you haven't been around since I last was here. But good luck with whatever occupies your time these days :)
    Hello Seraiel, thank you so much for answering the surveys about victory conditions in CIV IV BTS. We would very much like to contact you in provate for a few more questions, could you please contact us at this email?
    thank you very much in advance
    Not sure exactly who you are referring to here. I skim the forum each day, but don't dig deep unless something attracts me. Yeah, which leads to my overall participation lately being rather limited indeed. I only post know if I'm in the mood or find something interesting. I'm really not heavily invested in Civ at the moment.
    Thanks! It's been a long time, but it's impossible to be tired/too busy for CIV for too long! :) I've been semi-following some of your write ups whilst I have been MIA; great stuff!
    Yes, I'd really want to play it, but currently I'm not playing at all. Can't afford to start any games, especially not a >100h marathon space game, it would take up too much of my time. I might have time in July, but not sure yet.
    As a suggestion, when starting several Private Message conversations with multiple people, it can be a wise idea to first delete old Private Messages, so that your quota of messages doesn't fill up. P.S. Your quota has filled up. ;)
    I've seen this type before. No matter how bad they are at the game, they are too stubborn and/or impatient to actually take advice. Better we know now than wasting any more energy on him
    :lol: I think I threw up in my mouth a little's related to my google account. I used my middle initial as part of the address, so it is
    'evanaclark'. Years ago when I created it I just simply used my full name as it was unique and I don't like attaching numbers at the end. I realized later that it confuses some (all) people who just read it as firstname/lastname. Ha..I kinda regret that now..actually I really regret it
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