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  • Hello Knightmare! When do you think you will create Philippine Civ for Civ VI? XD
    Primo Xanthous
    i would love to, but i don't have yet a legit copy of Civ VI, though i already tried, after i downloaded a "pinirata" copy in internet. if i only have a Modding tools i might be able to create a MOD and upload it online and here.
    malabon city. last year lang ako nagstart. pirated copy pa. then this year nung promo sa steam nakuha ko na yung legal copy.
    Too bad, although baka bumalik mga users or baka may sumali din ibang pinoy kapag lumabas na civ VI haha
    Hello pre, mayroon pa rin bang active na Filipino groups dito? It's been two years since I've visited this forum so I wasn't able to answer your message hahaha
    Since there was no response I went ahead and tried to download from that 4share so after I surrender my facebook info for your file I have a file that when downloaded tells me "it cannot be opened because it is not a valid file" Suggestions?
    I don't want to use 4 shared...wanting access to my facebook friends, my birthday and other info...Why would you place a file in such a place that wants my public profile and such from facebook. please select a download medium that is more considerate of others privacy and the respect of their friends.
    Would love to download your MOD but what is the way without facebook, twitter or whatever else. PLease let me know where to click to just download your MOD without all the other windows and crap to deal with please
    When was the last time I posted here on CFC, I wonder?
    Hello, PrimoXanthous..:wavey:

    I see you are an active contributor of Civilization V. I must be proud of you for that. But I'm afraid I can't enjoy your works, hindi kasi kaya ng pc ko yung specs ng game na IYON (sino gusto mag'donate ng pc? hehe, JK). And besides, I like Civ4's game mechanics more than the 5's. Have you played IV before? If not, you should atleast try.
    Well, right now, I got less interested with these kind of games..(girls talk) XD

    And may I ask, who told you about me? :blush:

    Hey knightmare13, can you please send me a message how do you make this new building like a dojo, beacouse i try make one but still cant beacouse gimp cannot save file as dds to me or maybe give some help link or something..., plzzzzzz help
    Your Anglo-Saxon mod is in the moderation queue now, so I can't re-download after I lost my last copy. Is there any way you could send it to my e-mail account through a private file-hosting service like Sendspace? Please let me know!
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