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  • Are you still looking for a player to join? Spring Break just started for me (well, it starts tomorrow afternoon technically, but my 3 midterms were all today, so it feels like it has started), so I could play a session if you want.
    Maybe over the weekend or sometime next week. I'm kind of dealing with a lot of stuff, schoolwork and other stuff right now. So, probably, but not immediately.
    Hey, thanks for the friend request! I need to send friend requests to at least everyone in the PitWorldBossBuild, but I just haven't gotten around to it. :D
    Arexander's offered to have you team up with him, as he's not sure if his worldbuilding skills are up to snuff. Send him a PM or post a visitor message for him if you're interested.
    Hey, Pydgie - here's the deal. Due to some weirdness with GMR, we can't add in a 13th player. So, your options are pretty much to either be a backup in case someone drops out or team up with another player and worldbuild with them. What would you prefer?
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