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  • Sorry for my disappearance in Realpolitik of the Smoky Skies. RL reared its ugly head again.
    Sorry for the many questions, but is it possible to 'kill off' my character and restart as a new character and party?
    Another question: After so many years of socialist rule, are the POPs not the least weary of them? I mean, how many cases, besides of dictatorship, are of the same party ruling for 30 years? No one wants some change? It seems like that if you are not a socialist leaning party, you never get any support at all.
    In your Realpolitik, how do Pulians view the fact that instead of holding elections, their seat was given to to a non-elected politician? Also, how many share my view that the seat was used to bribe Megame into supporting the government?
    How has my reputation affected the Dawn? I was relatively well known due to my father and this coalition seems like the only thing that can negatively affect that. Has some of my small popularity rubbed off on the coalition, or has it negatively affected us all? Sorry for the long question.
    What is the public opinion on the murder of the journalist? How many citizens think that it was staged?
    In your Realpolitk, since the fascist party is an actual party and participates in elections, can they join me in a coalition? If yes, do they accept my offer? Also would the name "Coalition of Radical Right" be accepted or would they prefer an other name?
    With regards to the PM, in addition to trade benefits for the both of us, and the futility of perpetuating a war which is neither of our interests and doomed to stalemate. We would be inclined to think that accepting the proposal we have offered would enable Axum to build upon its gains. Either way, looking forward to a response from you in PM.
    Yeah. The idea is that the Principality of La Plata wrestles colonial influence away from post-Napoleon Spain which is supposed to be Republican, but all is purely nominal because it doesn't really have the power to maintain the empire, so the colonies slowly but inevitably secede.
    Awesome. For brazil: russia and u have tariff capping agreement (at 3%). We have similar agreement wih portugal. If u want to build on that russia would be willing.
    Needless to say, the Palatinates demands are absurd and should be ignored as the ramblings of heretics. They lack the military power to enforce their claims either.
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