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  • Rangers fans sing 'Billy Boys' and Celtic fans sing a few of their on about the glory of the IRA and how bombing people is good. That's what the Old Firm has been down to, and hasn't changed much. :(
    'All scum are Celtic fans'? I disagree. You should meet our lot. The old 'Billy Boys' song is still occasionally sung :cringe:.
    Hmmmnope, 'Gers, the current owners of Glesga.

    Haven't seen a match like that first-hand? Lucky you. I went to a match today. I've visited over a dozen stadia here and in all you get the eternal barbed wire and/or moats to keep fans off the pitch. It still doesn't work.
    The 'Gers!! Only fan in the forum. Although much more reasonable than the average, um, Hun. Do you still call us that?

    Abuse? Bottle? Rocks? That's nothing. Come to Argentina. You'll see that here hooligan firms are major players in the drug, gun and prostitution trades and also as hired muscle for politicians. I've been to matches ending in general field battles between supporters of one and another club, sometimes with a few deaths, arrests, etc.

    Rugby's a hooligan's sport played by gentlemen whereas football is a gentleman's sport played by hooligans.
    Of course, he was doing a very Vetinarean 'one man, one vote'. He basically criminalised dissent, didn't he? Curse you Oliver Cromwell!

    Tomorrow Almost your entire republic will be cheering against us while a few idiots up north will be cheering for us. Shows how much we haven't progressed since the Middle Ages.
    Kudos on beating Ass-tralia! My uncle won't be too pleased.

    Confederate Wars? No, sir, Wars of the Three Kingdoms!
    Ah, that's easy then. People fighting English invaders, discovering the world of potatoes, playing the flute, celebrating Lughnasa. All ridiculous stereotypes covered.

    On a more serious note, at least you won't get Cromwell's genocidal madness in the 17th century, but it'd have been a good opportunity to start them youngster hip-hoppers on decent bands like the Pogues ;).
    Like horsehockye. Still 5-6 years away from my translator's title. Spanish-English. Hard work ahead. :(
    Could be worse anyway.

    What do you mean by 'an cúpla focal'? The [´] should be a [`]. Real Gaelic is spoken in bonnie Sco'land, not in Oireland where people dare to delete some of the muted letters and do not aspirate the verb 'Tha'! *shudders* ;)
    Meh, Gaelic (spelt Gàidhlig in our case ;) ) was a bit… unfamiliar at first but after a year of more-or-less-but-not-quite-weekly lessons it's beginning to make sense. Pity we can't get lessons on a more systematic basis, this is Buenos Aires after all.

    Is talk about reunification still flamebait in (Free) Ireland?
    Same old, same old :undecide:

    At least the knowledge of the Gaelic language is beginning to take hold on me.
    So you've finished high school then?
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