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    Happy Birthday, LucyDuke!

    Happy Birthday !!!!!
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    Yo Mama Jokes

    OMG. i lol... :lol:
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    Happy Birthday Zelet!

    Happy Birthday !! :D
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    Poor, poor rapists... WTF!?

    no, they should be castrated...:mischief:
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    which shape is better: circle or square?

    this is why circle and semi circle is good :D
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    Funny GIFs Thread 3: GIFs With Extra Cowbell

    The person closest to the hole is the noob... :P
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    Which movies have you seen lately? Kinetic Icon VII

    yes, i like that movie too.... too bad it didnt perform well in the box office.. will really appreciate a higher budget movie with more dirt, slime and blood...
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    Best movie of the 80's

    and Escape from New York? Little Shop of Horrors The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! SpaceBall History of the World: Part I Police Academy Tron Elvira: Mistress of the Dark Highlander ¡Three Amigos! WallStreet Blue Thunder Airwolf FireFox...
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    Would you date an adult film actor/actress?

    why not ? :D Angeline Jolie has quite some wild scene in the past and Bo Derek does nothing but nude movies. I doubt most will have 2nd thoughts about dating them.
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    Happy Birthday Warpus!

    Happy Birthday !!!
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    Happy Birthday SS-18 ICBM!!

    Happy Birthday !!! :D
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    Happy Birthday classical_hero!

    Happy Birthday !!!!!
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    Happy Birthday Jolly Roger!

    Happy Birthday !!!
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    The Freedom of Trade

    Its good to trade.... much much better than robbing... or force people to 'sell' you things with fiat money...
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