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  • You need to make more personal rooms and raise happiness.

    I only had problems with two sieges, there were like a dozen giant spiders. I kind of abused the destroy item feature by blowing up the bridge they were on to make them drown.
    Or I could just do this.

    I just set up my stoves. I have 6 soldiers and 16-22 citizens, plus 4 heroes. I stuck all the soldiers on "patrol" next to my entrance to the dungeon so when a hero bravely runs away, the giant spider following him doesn't eat anyone. Thinking about reducing it by two, but there are usually only 1-3 guys standing guard. It doesn't help that there's a river dividing the 3rd floor in half and my guys need to go over it to access the other half of the floor.

    Anyway, how many stoves etc should I set up? I currently have 3 and another 3 counters, but 5 baker's tables/ovens (spamming pie). Also, how prudent would it be to set up a big honkin wall all the way around my town, or even block off every tile on the edge of the map? Should take a ridiculously long time, which is why I haven't done anything of the sort.
    Hey, remake! Sorry to bother you on your extended mafia hiatus. We'd all been wondering where you were.

    So anyway, I'm making this statistics thread (click the link if you want to know more about it) and need some help with one of your games. Could you please help? :)
    It's on the 12th, I said its tomorrow because it was around 1 o'clock, that is it was the 11th when I posted.
    Yeah, we didn't either. Well all the way at least, we got up most of the way then my mom freaked out and we went back down. :lol:
    Oh wow, very cool! :p I've been to the Grand Canyon, uhh Zion, and Rocky Mountain NP. Did you drive to the top of that one peak to see the tundra climate and to the building up there?
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