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Nov 30, 2015
Nov 20, 2011
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Nov 30, 2015
    1. apocalypse105
      Yeah I couldn't reach my computer at that time because of a mallware but its fixed know.
    2. RStark
      I understand you well cpm4001. Sometimes real life issues presses the person so hard that he has to reduce the time for entertainment and selfamusement. Thank you for messaging this post.
      I am quite sure that I'll find a reliable sub on your place, so don't worry.

    3. cpm4001
      I apologize for this, but I'm likely to need to back out of the Culture Warlords game. A number of things are starting to come up (some very important tests, primarily) that all mean I don't have as much free time as I thought I was going to. So I think I can keep up with one of my two GMR games, and I'd rather continue with the 2050 Arrives one.
      Again, let me apologize; I was not intending to have to drop out like this (because no one likes a player who quits in the middle of a game!), but hopefully this is enough heads-up so that you can find a substitute Ethiopia.
    4. RStark
      Thank you. LeFantome, I'll send you an invite.
    5. LeFantome
    6. RStark
      Hi, EEE

      Thank you for the invitation. I am going to join your game as soon as I get to home.
    7. EEE_BOY
      Hi, RStark, do you have time and GMR slot to play one more game please? The game is called Into the renaissance, which is an official scenario map with special victory conditions. Thanks
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