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  • Hello Sandris, I've created Age of Empires 2 mod with your units and now i want to upload it on Age of Kings Heaven. I was wondering If I could if I gave you credit for the units.
    Hello, I`m glad you have a positive influence on the development of mods for games. Go on with the credits)
    Thanks I appreciate it.
    Hi Comrade Sandris, the project that I commented you put together your funds, so I would like to know if you have a paypal account or something similar to which to deposit funds for the unit of yours in which I was inspired n_n/
    I would like to use your units for a project, an independent game, but before that I plan to use them for a huge Mod of Age Of Empires to give us publicity and with it open a Kickstarter and work on the game. I would like us to work together if the project is achieved, and give me permission to do this project with your units.
    Hey Sandris. I love your sets, best units available imo. Any chance of doing some orcs for the LotM mod? I know it doesn't appear to be your thing, but the mod could use some uniformity for the orcs.

    I've tried to learn how to recolor, so I could play around with your units, but it didn't pan out (and I had to do a full restore on the comp and lost the ability lol).

    Hmm, even a quick recoloring to give one of the sets a black skin or something?

    Regardless, please keep the units coming. I use them quite a bit.

    Hello there, I was looking at your 5 indian riflemen download and found there aren't any icons. Is it possible if you could reload them or something.
    Слава богу есть на форуме русские люди! Здравствуйте, не поможете мне с созданием юнита? Видел Ваши творения, они шикарны! Теперь хочется чего-то подобного и для своего мода
    steph told that i should pray to GOD you should have time in making some steppe units heavy cavalry early magyar, kypchak and other. but what if i pray to GOD and tha prayer has effect?? what shoul we do than??
    Совершенно замечательная коллекция, Сандрис, благодарю Вас за тратить много времени
    С возвращением! (из меня такой форумчанин, конечно, зато большой твой поклонник)
    Glad to see you back Sandris ! I hope you didn't had too much "real life trouble" and everything's fine for you.
    Hallo Sandris
    Can I use all your units for my new game project called "The ancient battles" (a mod for American Conquest Fight back) Can you help me also with new graphics (officers and standartbeares, mucicans etc.) Do you plan also seleucids and elephant-graphics and chariots for all your nice nations ?

    Hi Sandris, what's this? A new "friend" function on CivFanatics? Cool, I'm up with that (so long as I can figure out how it works).
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