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Apr 10, 2011
May 16, 2010
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May 26
Sin City

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Augustus, from Sin City

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Apr 10, 2011
    1. The Guardian
      The Guardian
      Last report I received:
      Quick report: I finished the civilopedia for the governments. I left the monarchies (excluding Hereditary, Constitutional, and Tsarist) alone. For all the other governments I put pretty much just what the government is and how it functions. Im now moving on to fix improvement/unit prerequisite civilopedia entries.

      Can you give me a current progress report?
    2. The Guardian
      The Guardian
      How's it coming with the civilopedia Super? Are there any problems?
    3. The Guardian
      The Guardian
      Just posted the latest update for Napoleonic Wars II. You will find it at the bottom of the scenario thread post #1. Details are in my last post to the scenario thread.
    4. The Guardian
      The Guardian
      first, you have to compress the files into a zip or rar file. I use winrar to do this. Then you can attach the zip/rar file to a PM or attach the file to an email.
    5. The Guardian
      The Guardian
      Send me your changes when you finish them and I will review them and include them with the next update. ;)
    6. D551
      just 20 minutes south of provo.
    7. Moosezilla
      sb7: re: Modpack Library. Please do not post there to reply to Marcus. He has a thread in the main Civ3 Creation and Customization forum under "Help I'm New".
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    Sin City
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    An average mormon high school teenager.

    Running, Reading, Civilization III, History


    "Aurum Potestas Est"
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