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    Quick report: I finished the civilopedia for the governments. I left the monarchies (excluding Hereditary, Constitutional, and Tsarist) alone. For all the other governments I put pretty much just what the government is and how it functions. Im now moving on to fix improvement/unit prerequisite civilopedia entries.

    Can you give me a current progress report?
    Just posted the latest update for Napoleonic Wars II. You will find it at the bottom of the scenario thread post #1. Details are in my last post to the scenario thread.
    first, you have to compress the files into a zip or rar file. I use winrar to do this. Then you can attach the zip/rar file to a PM or attach the file to an email.
    Send me your changes when you finish them and I will review them and include them with the next update. ;)
    sb7: re: Modpack Library. Please do not post there to reply to Marcus. He has a thread in the main Civ3 Creation and Customization forum under "Help I'm New".
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