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  • Look at the thread, the file attached is the download I just tried to make it easier for people with the larger, more noticable link.
    Been good. How about yourself? I saw a clip of Civ 5 and was thinking I should come back to my old forums and see how everyone is doing. I don't recognize anyone lol.
    Civ3 was fun, I know I had fun with it, modded and played it for at least five years. I cannot say the same about many other games :).
    Changed so much you wrote on your own wall than back on DJG's...

    (I am on your page because I am looking at Civ3 mods etc...)
    Wow this board has really changed eh? Used to be so simple now look at it! I think it started after the "Great Hack". I can't believe how much time has passed since then.
    I was playing your mod and I am having a minor problem. the fighter won't upgrade to F-15 (America) even with all the needed resources, upgrades to F-22 okay though. Mean I have no jet fighters till I research F-22's tech.
    Can I suggest if posible armored car upgrade to striker for americans.
    modern pirate seems a bit powerful, it takes out everything through battleships nearly 90% of the time, also doesn't turn to engage.
    I think some of the tank upgrades need to be pushed into the future a little more.
    pioneers are great but I think the need to be in addition to settlers since settlers can cross terrian pioneers cant.
    This mod is awesome btw, best Ive ever played.
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