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    Forgive me; it did not appear clear.

    I will do a alteration this evening (cannot at moment due to going out in a bit for the afternoon)
    Well there was a absence of numbers in the stat relating skill sheet; it kinda read like a upgrade system...
    Thank you for reminding me of this game. I have it all. Even the lead figures. I'll have to look for them.
    I am afraid I will finish sign up for tomorrow instead of this day.

    By the way: the pictures I am using including a flaming sword for my goblin adventurer. For balance purpose will the sword have its own mind that burns the adventurer or can it set things on fire that one does not want on fire like ones food? Trying to think of means for my goblin adventurer.
    Hey Martin, I want to make a spider for my character. Can I have a shtick for making a sticky web which is able to ensnare any object, and can either use the web itself as a grappling hook to bring it towards me and/or walk on the web like if it was nothing special?
    I am intrigued; consider my interest in your cartoon game a set reality, for tomorrow I will consult myself on what to play as as the options are many but one must alas be made into the fold of my will.
    Anyway there is a thread you can tell your friend about.

    BTW remind Civ and Tolni in Argentina to respect <nuke>'s suggestion.
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