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  • Salut

    Est ce que le groupe NQ a un site ou cest seulement un groupe Steam ?

    Et est ce que les parties sont toujours jouée en une shot ? (pas tjr le temps)

    Your avatar is so appropriate with this username. Whenever I see Attila apologizing for spying I think I hear "Ah, que tabarnak...". Salut from Montreal.
    Haha excellent! Il me fait trop rire ce gars. Vedette instantané :D

    Ok j'en prends note.
    Love the avatar pic! Tequila, Heineken, pas le temps de niaiser!! Filme mes piedes, the Clarks! The guy is too funny!

    If you ever find a multi-player game with the name "Tequila Heineken", it's me who's made it. You're more than welcome to join!
    Hi! Would you be interested in joining a Succession Game with me and maybe 1 or 2 other people? If interested, please tell me what difficulty level you are accustomed to. (i.e., highest that still allows you to beat the AI in BTS)
    I guess the admins will somewhen in the next time set the christmas theme (at the left bottom there's a dropbox with different site layouts) as default one, so yes, most likely.
    Why do you ask :)?
    Hehe merci! Faut dire qu'il faut habiter au Québec pour comprendre ce nom là. Je t'ai remarqué depuis quelques mois dans le forum de civ4 et t'a l'air d'en savoir beaucoup sur ce jeu(t'a gagné des gauntlets je crois). Malheuresement(heureusement), je l'ai joué depuis 2005 alors j'en ai eu ma claque rendu en 2010.
    Played my first teamer this year! (Silly me)

    Thanks kyp, it was fun even if we couldn't finish the game nor fight.
    Well i don't like duels or team games. I prefer 4-6 players games alone. That's why NQ guys fit well in my plans. I also don't have a good timing zone when i play. Between midnight and 4 am ET time.

    One day maybe, but my english is too poor to talk to my teammate. I can write ok english because i can take my time and reread myself! Duels are more appealing for sure. Even in civ4 i didn't like team or duels game.
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