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    Announce Your Files for Front-Page Coverage

    Title: Alabama Type: Pre-made Maps File Version: 1 Requirements: civilization V File Entry URL: Author Name: techathon Thread:;topicseen#new
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    50 States Project - Alabama 93x67 2016-10-05

    This is my Alabama Map for my 50 States Project. Comments, Criticism or Requests? Go to the THREAD
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    Jon Shafer leaves Firaxis!

    Although I did not enjoy this game as much as civ IV, I do not think that Shafer was fired due to the "poor reviews" or "Low sales" (The reviews are pretty high outside of here, and 1 million is nothing to scoff at), and I don't think anyone would lose their job just because of some people on a...
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    Post new Civ requests here

    Sealand Leader: Paddy Roy Bates (make sure his personality is crazy.) Cities: Sealand (There are no more cities.) UU: Sealand Guard (Infantry)/ Speedboat (Transport) UB: Offshore Tower (Drydock +1 :hammers:)
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    Post new Civ requests here

    Is this close enough for the LH:
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    How to add a new civ?

    We don't have access to the SDK yet, so we can't
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    moderator action problem (anyone can do it)

    I should not be able to use moderator action, but I can. so can anyone else. This shouldn't be.
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    Modding Tools located

    Ignore this post. NOW!
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    Modding Tools located

    nope, pack build doesn't work on them.
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    Aaahhhhhhhh civ v won't run at all

    It has DX 9 support.
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    Aaahhhhhhhh civ v won't run at all

    When I try to open civ V I get a black screen then an error message that reads "Civlization V has encountered a problem and needs to close." My specs are: Windows XP NVIDA GeForce FX 5200 Intel (R) Celeron (R) CPU 2.53 Ghz 3 gb RAM What is the problem?
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    Problem with steam

    I would personally check the steam support Forum. Also, Steam-related questions don't go here.
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    Be honest! Who currently still prefers Civ IV?

    i do, I do. Civ IV accuially works on my computer.
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    YESSSSS!!!! CIV V is over 9000!!!!!!!!!! SMILEYS:
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    The worlds two largest EVER empires not in game??

    It's because they are not over 9000 that they were not included in the game.
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