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  • Thanks for making Civ 5 so much fun with your contributions. I couldn't have enjoyed vanilla much at all without your old mods! Now I play Vox Populi which is Communitas evolved. Would like to see your opinion on VP!
    Hope we'll see you around here sometime again, Thal.
    Hello Thal, I was wondering if you knew about any mods that have the type of information in tooltips as you do, by the tooltips, I'm refering to the Tech Tree, Building, Unit, Policy, Wonder etc. stuff, like what Pyramids are good for, etc. You're mod has them, but I'd love it for plain BNW, I ask because as much as I love Communitas, 1. I can't play in Hotseat without activating another mod, and 2. I think Enhanced User Inteface REALLY breaks your mod (seriously, I started a game as Gandhi, and the Settler had buttons for Culture Bomb, Air Sweep, and Settler started with really... strage... buttons for promotions that didn't even work like promos.. so. I don't know). But I think my Hotseat games really need that element (informative tooltips). Also, Do you know why Communitas has slower turn times?
    Hi Thal

    I've downloaded the 3.4 Alpha and have been trying to find out which files to use for my modmod to update priorities to match the additions from the modmod.

    Could you help a Little bit here? I'm having some trouble finding the file(s).

    Thanks in advance!

    We had more or less the same issue when ai priorities were automatically calculated for techs. Back then it was solved by taking a copy of GEAI_zTechs.sql from GEM and use that in the modmod that was set to run after GEM.

    Perhaps the same could be done here?

    I'll think about a way to handle that. For now, buildings loaded after this project will probably show up like vanilla.
    Hi Thal

    Concerning Fridays update (Which I'm eagerly awaiting since I've been waiting for CEP to develop before I play BNW) you write that "Building, tech, and promotion tooltips automatically write themselves (less workload and bugs)".

    How do you expect this to Work with Buildings, wonders etc. added through CEP modmods running after CEP (using reference tag)?

    I do not know where to say this, so I guess here is as good a place as any: thank you for your work on the mods Thal. You improve a lot on the game.
    Are you alive? :) I'm worried about you. I've stalked the forums for a long time, and have never known you to vanish for near a full month!
    I'd love any improvements you can find for the project. I'm not too certain how semi-protected versioning works for github. At the moment, I have it on github for download purposes so people can get the project. I rarely have request for direct contributions to the code, so I don't keep it up to date very often.

    I agree the data is often easier to represent in sql than xml. I usually do sql if something involves complex data sets (add promotion to 20 unit classes), and xml for simpler things. The game core data is in xml, so it takes less time to make an edit with a simple copy-paste to the mod.

    I follow these principles for coding:
    Writing Readable Code

    I attempt to group parts of the program with similar tasks into the same component. So like... many of the tools for dealing with players are in Civup -> ModTools -> MT_Player.lua. I then use those tools to perform tasks in GEM.
    Hello Thal. Hope all is well with you.

    I understand the work load you have at the moment is somewhat taxing so I understand if you focus elsewhere but I have a couple of questions.

    So firstly with your Github account if I make a change and submit it, is it vetted by you to make sure it is actually a fix? Do you even want others to make changes?

    Secondly I am currently reading through all the files in your mod and trying to understand what is going on. I have found your work to be the most thorough and comprehensive and am using it like a teaching aid.

    Now there are a few anomalies ,not bugs as such, would you prefer me to just change them and let you have a look or run them, and any others I might find, by you first?

    Thirdly some of the XML stuff could be converted to SQL and probably look much better. Would you mind if I had a go?

    Lastly, when I get onto your LUA, code may I ask you for some guidance about how you've structured it?

    Cheers and all the best.
    Merry Xmas Thal.

    I have sent you a donation of $10, I kept meaning to but somehow never got around to it, for your tireless work and support for Civ V and the modding community.
    Thanks for everything that you do and all the best for 2013
    Hey Thal, I just quickly tried out GEM with G&K and after a quick glance I have to say the game seems to regained many things I've missed from BTS. I saw you're considering moving on from the project to "real life" and I wish you all the best luck with that. I just wanted to express my gratitude to you since this is a game series I've enjoyed since my childhood but couldn't enjoy as much with V - until I tried your mod. So again, thanks! :)
    Thank you for your quick response Thal. This is one of the reasons why you are one of the best modders of any game. Keep up the work, and I hope to get G&K soon, so I can check out the current GEM project. Thanks again Thal!
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