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  • Hey "Skodkim"

    Kan se du er dansker, så tænker jeg tager den på modersmål :0)

    Har du fundet en måde at ændrer tærren i et igangværende spil? Har fulgt begge metoder der står beskrevet inde i forumet, men kan ikke få det til at fungere :0(
    Hi buddy!
    I read here http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=519984&page=2
    that you were able to play CEP with csd and whowards combined dll. I'd love to do that too but your hints in the thread were a bit unclear :) would you mind to write me the procedure, step by step, in order to play with those three mods alltogether?
    Also, have ever tried to add the Civ IV Diplomacy Features mod as well? I'd love to be able to play with CEP + csd + Civ IV Diplomacy Features + whowards combined dll + smart AI (btw do you know this last one? it works great, here's the link:

    Thank you in advance, I will appreciate your help so much!


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