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  • If you would be so kind, could you also do the whole formal thing where you put your king's name and the word signed in the thread so I can link it like the others? You can quote this when you do so
    I am really sorry I have been busy lately. I thought I did sign it but looking through the thread I did not. I will be sure to include it my next orders.
    I highly recommend you post that treaty you and christos signed in the thread, so everyone can see our glorious cooperation. :)
    Not much since I last posted. Finally, got a new computer, but for some reason microsoft office was not installed even though I paid for it.
    You wrote on your own wall their sport, you need to click "view conversation" to write on my own wall...
    I will be brining it back probably in early to mid May. I have a lot of ideas I want to try out. Things just got hectic at school and I couldn't keep up with it.
    Thanks; I was expecting a response in my visitors message box and not in yours. so I am also late in responding. I will read through the update and get back to you.
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