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  • Are u caught up now on the CTD's??
    Not quite yet. I've been hung up on the MP game debugging effort. I was caught up for a moment there but another one came in this week.
    My DataBase seems to be corrupt.

    Trying to add you as a friend, but it is not accepted. Maybe WinXP problem.

    Still trying to find the best Win10 setup in the UK. (not interested in shoot-up games). just simulations [SimuTrans] or Civ4.
    That's the sort of question for the forum. If you're confused, I'm sure others would be. ;) I'll answer there once the question is posed there.
    Hi, I was just wondering what you ment by
    --"PrereqMapTypes tag for buildinginfos. This should work to keep a building that is defined as a particular maptype prereq unable to be built nor added for free to a city that is not on a plot defined as that maptype by its terrain."--
    It was written in one of the later SVN update infos.
    Could you describe it more easily :) :)
    BR Loffas
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