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  • Well, yes, that is a problem and there's no easy solution, but if the British government had dealt with IRA families by bulldozing their homes and shoving them all into Catholic ghettos, chances are strong that the Troubles would still be going on.
    Compulsory purchase orders can be, yes. If it's a home of a murderer or fascist hero or something like that and leaving the home standing would create a shrine, then demolishing it would be perfectly sensible. Maybe also in a war-zone when you can't hold the territory and it would fall into the hands of the enemy instead.

    There are many ways that would not be acceptable, but otherwise, I think that there's probably more useful things you can do with homes, like rehousing the homeless or regenerating communities etc.
    For what it's worth, I think that all human rights violations are bad, no matter who commits them, but a country that is currently unable to keep even its own citizens safe is less of a priority for international condemnation than a wealthy, industrialised nation beloved of the world's only superpower.
    Ah, apparently it means that I'm on your friends list and not that I'm a dead person. My family will be relieved.
    Short answer: Yes.
    Longer answer: Superficially. The Decline of the West certainly contains some interesting ideas if you're willing to open yourself up to it.
    Old sig, need to change it at some point - it was a reaction to the disastrous "Charter of Values" the government tried to pass, and the popular support it had.
    Oh, that's sort of good to hear I think. Anything particular to worry about with this condition? Good luck in any case.
    Heh, thanks. It happened a while back I think, I only noticed when people asked me about the different color of my name tag. But my mod status is mostly a friendly gesture of CFC staff these days anyway, and I have no intention to run anything but the little corner that is the DoC community.

    By the way, I read about your eye problem, I hope everything's alright with you.
    You haven't seen Adriana Lima before? All those deformed bodies posted by Mr. Traitorfish are ruining what was once a good thread.
    I hope that my latest contribution to the thread is held in higher esteem than yesterday's.
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