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    The Sioc Civilization BNW 1.0

    This mod adds a new fictional civilization loosely inspired by the Celts and the Irish. It's designed to benefit from being played on the coast and has a coastal start bias, with its Lighthouse replacement building that improves coast/ocean tiles and its reduced cost for naval unit maintenance...
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    Custom logging?

    So thought I would share, not sure if I fixed the crash yet, hopeful that removing everything but A-Z/a-z characters from the track names helped, but I ran into something in testing that may be a bug with the actual game, not my mod. Realized I could use the debug panel to get a better idea of...
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    Custom logging?

    Wondering if anyone has a clue if there's a way to set up custom logging for this game. I'm not shy of learning some LUA if I have to, just figured before I bang my head against a wall in total darkness about how this game's logging functions, thought someone else might have some familiarity...
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    Creating your own Soundtrack!

    Anyone have more info on the Either thing? There is no Either sound scripts, but Either plays on war or peace? So that means they can play during either wartime or peacetime, but you still have to give them a sound script name that ends in PEACE or WAR? :crazyeye: I don't think I'm quite getting...
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    XML Reference for Leader Personalities?

    Oh, friendship! I kept trying to think what it would stand for and thought it might feel obvious once I heard it. That's all helpful to know, thanks. I'm not too worried about them being a little resistant to it, but it is good to know, so I don't get confused in playtesting. In my case, I'm...
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    XML Reference for Leader Personalities?

    I found this: And this: The 2nd has some info (partly speculative?) on what the flavor options mean, but I'm not finding anything in such...
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