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  • Funny how I read "unmatched" error instead of unforced error ;) Oh well .... wishful thinking ;)
    Hi :)

    I'm answering towards your last message to my user profile.

    It's very friendly, that you greeted me when I came back to these forums, and I feel ashamed, that I didn't notice you, when first being here. It took myself some time to answer, because I had absolutely no idea who you were, but from a today's perspective, I'm sure that you are as nice as you appear, that you were in the past, and therefor will understand it right, when I say that I did recognize you from the moment at which you welcomed me back onwards.

    From then on, all of my experiences with you were positive, which makes me hopeful for the future.

    Best regards,

    Hey Thanks for Your signature !!! Thanks to You I've discovered Order of the Stick ! :D It's Awesome :D
    Hi !!!!!!! I am sorry (for myself) just feel like wishing You a very nice X-mas !!!!! (hopes that You are no angry at meh) Hopes tha You Willl have some fun ! ^^
    MTG > ? Sign me in ? I have Treva "The dragon xD" , multiple develop cards like growth thingies and much suprises in my deck !? :D Frozen cavern that can counter Your fireballs. Not to mention the "Skyship weatherlight" planeswalker :D quite boring as it is but the graphics are cool :D Anyhow the best deck I've build was black and blue but ahh wtf :D countespell never get's old :mischief:
    You didn't answer to my question, that's why I don't know what to think of your message.

    With partly back I ment, that I'm back, but won't be spending as much time on Civ as before.

    Would be kind of you to help my memory now, and tell me in which relation we were standing to each other, otherwise, I'll have to search your posts for finding out who you are. All I know now is that you weren't part of the Civ Illustrated team, so the chances of us 2 having been friends is unlikely (I think then I would also remember your name more easily) . I see you're a friend of Zx Zero Zx, but else than those 2 things, I know nothing about you yet.

    Mind to tell me something about you?

    Regards, Sera
    Hi there :)

    Yes, I'm (partly) back :)

    Somehow I cannot remember your name (meaning I cannot sort it to any Conversation / Event we had) ...

    Could you help refreshing my memory a little?

    Yea it is. That's what I was trying to say, I didn't have time for DnD as I played MTG a ton.

    Yea I don't see how he could be winning this late with out military if he wasn't doing something to the AI.
    I never really got into pen and paper RPGs due to having no friends :lol:, I always ended up playing MTG more than DnD, and such.

    According to BQ Giggles won the wars he was fighting.
    I <3 RPGs like no other, I have played Kotor 2 for like 1k+ hours, and Kotor 1 for like 800. Then there is the 10s of thousands of hours sucked away by the Final Fantasy series. Then I could move on to the hundreds of thousands of hours wasted on MMOs but I won't go there. :lol:

    I really liked this part "Built the Parthenon and The Great Library." He obviously hasn't read the guide on how to win culture on Emp+. :lol: It almost seems to me like he is stopping the AI from winning before he finishes culture, because there is no way in hell you can stop a Deity AI from winning culture before you the way he plays. Either that or he is some new diplo god, and can stop the AI from winning by culture. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
    Hmm I might have to actually try out the mod, when I played it before I didn't have a clue what was going on. :lol:
    :lol: Yea some of the barbs are crazy in it, I couldn't imagine it on deity. Hell there are starts where I struggle with normal deity barbs.
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