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  • Thank you for the time and patience you spent on answering my question. It is very much appreciated and saved me a lot of time wading through junk elsewhere.
    "You never read any constitution besides your own, did you?"

    I wouldn't hold out for a coherent answer.
    I work in experimental physics and there are enough "mundane" problems (from "Where in the experiment is enough space to place this mirror?" to "How do I navigate the bureaucratic process for buying new instruments?") to keep myself back on earth.
    I imagine you think very hard to learn and understand physics. Physics is a very abstract subject - do you ever get sucked in so hard by the sheer surrealism of the science that other things seem dull in comparison? Do you feel withdrawn from other people?
    Hey Perfection,
    sorry I didn't see you message earlier, but frekk and ParadigmShifter seem to have answered it in the mean time.
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