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  • Hello Wolf…
    I actually seek without success the last version of “Leg-off-Revolution” or the last “Merged MOD” (functioning well !) for the 3.17… which includes elements of your “1850… - Wolfshanze” that I appreciate much (it is true a joy of seeing such a beautiful work!).
    Because, personally, am alas not decided yet to evolve to the v3.19 (I worked much to realize of perso-Mods for the 3.17… and I will not be able to convert them!) and I thus seek “the last best” for 3.17.
    Ex pilot of the AMI (2 years!), old wargamer and creator of traditional games, I am impassioned of strategy and I have many ideas to make evolve this game. For that, I seek to associate to me with programmers and other talented designers to carry out improvements…
    I made Macchi 202 on the support of G.55… and other do-it-yourself. How to transmit these files? Who will condescend one day to properly remake the SM.79? And the Italian tank-type M.13/15? Would this interest you?
    Thank you / Bye
    Hello, I'm Odanan from the mods Battlefield Vietnam Arsenal, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Arsenal and now Making History Gold Deadlock.

    Well, I’m making a WW1 mod for the game “Making History” and I’m very bad modeling in 3d. I wonder if you would agree in having some of yours WW1 tanks, armored cars and planes to my mod. The credits are all yours, off course!

    I can convert the units myself, so I won't botter you anymore. I just want to know if it is ok for you.

    BTW, if you don’t know the game “Making History Gold”, I strongly recommend it. It’s extremely addicting.

    About my mod/scenario:
    I'm having trouble getting your [BtS] Wolfshanze 1850-1920 Enhancement Mod v2.85 to work. The splash screen comes up, but no menu.
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